Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Flexible Pathways v.1: Tech Center Programs

Central Vermont Career Center (CVCC), formally known as the Barre Tech Center, is our local tech center.  They currently have some great programs including:  Automotive Technology, Baking Arts, Building Trades, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Digital Media Arts, Electrical Technology, Emergency Services, Exploratory Tech., Human Services, Natural Resources and Sustainability, Plumbing and Heating, Cooperative Education.  Our students have been enjoying these programs for years and doing well as evidenced by the quarter 1 awards!

In addition, CVCC will be adding a Medical Professions Program that will be taking applications this spring for Fall 2018.  This program will offer dual enrollment opportunities in Human Biology with opportunities for clinical shadowing.  It will introduce students to a variety of careers including:  nursing, radiography, physical and occupational therapy, emergency services, home health, phlebotomy, dental assisting, surgical services, and acute care!

Did you know students may attend other tech or career centers?  If our local tech center does not have the career path you or your student is seeking to follow - another center might.  A student may apply to another tech center only after determining that the program is not offered at their local center or if they have been denied access to their choice program at CVCC.  What's the catch?  Well, transportation.  Although the programming will be paid for, you need to find your own way to programs outside of CVCC.  If you do have a method of transportation, it's a great idea to check out all of your options!

Here are some of those centers most accessible to our students in alphabetical order:

Burlington Technical Center has Aviation, Criminal Justice, and Medical and Sports Sciences.
Center for Technology Essex has Dentistry.
Green Mountain Technology & Career Center has Power Sport Technology.
Randolph Technical Career Center has Agricultural Tech, Criminal Justice, Diesel Tech and Education/Social Services.
River Bend Career and Tech Center has Criminal Justice, Heavy Equipment, and Small Engines.

Each tech center has it's own spring application process, all of which can be found on their websites.  Check out these options for flexible pathways in your education!

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