Monday, May 8, 2017

Faculty & Staff Appreciation

It's Teacher Appreciation Week and here at U-32 that means we celebrate all of our faculty and staff!

It is wonderful to work here at U-32 and it's great to take an opportunity to thank all of the people who really make this school work.

One of the things we also do during this week is to collect nominations and positive information about our faculty and staff.  Our faculty, staff and students receive the following e-mail:

Hello Faculty, Staff and Students,

It is faculty and staff appreciation week and that means it is also time to nominate teachers for the 2017 Outstanding Educator Award and staff for the 2017 Outstanding Staff Member Award.

We are again using an online nomination form.  Please fill out the form to nominate U-32 faculty and staff for these awards.  We are providing the opportunity for you to nominate an individual and acknowledge additional faculty and staff.  Please note comments received here may be used in an end of the year celebration luncheon in recognition of all the good work that occurs at U-32. These have become a wonderful way to close out the school year

Please complete and submit this form online by Monday, May 22nd

This allows us to collect wonderful information about our faculty and staff and gives us the opportunity to celebrate, not only by announcing the winner but also sharing the quotes with faculty and staff at our end of year luncheon.

So why have I added this to my blog?  I'm hoping to get some parents out there who either read this on facebook, twitter or our website to also contribute some kudos to our faculty and staff!  We take this very seriously and really appreciate all of the feedback we receive; please consider taking part in this year's "Educator of the Year" and "Staff Member of the Year" nomination process by filling out the form attached above.

Thank you for your continued support of our school!

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  1. Happy to know about this faculty appreciation event and this reminded me of our parent’s teacher meet which was arranged at one of beautiful venues for corporate events Chicago. It was a successful meeting and arrangements were pretty good.