Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Letters to Graduates

Last night was "Meet your TA night" here at U-32.  If you've had a student begin U-32 in the 7th grade you may remember that night.  This year we decided to begin a new tradition.  We asked parents to take a few minutes and to write a letter to their 7th grader which the student will have delivered to them upon graduation from U-32.

The request went as follows:
Please take a few minutes and write your 7th grader a letter to be opened on Graduation Day in June of 2022!!!!!  Please then put it in an envelope, seal it and write your student's name and TA on the front.  We will put these safely away for the next 6 years and bring them out on that special evening.

If you aren't sure what to write and need some extra time, please feel free to take an envelope and paper with you to write at home at your leisure.  But, please don't forget.  We want each of our students to walk off that stage with an envelope and a diploma!  Once it is done, please mail it to Amy Molina, c/o (your student name here), U-32, 930 Gallison Hill Rd, Montpelier, VT 05602.

Thanks for helping us to start a fun new tradition at U-32.

One parent asked if they could also do this for their older student - absolutely.  Last year at graduation we started a new tradition of TA's handing their seniors an envelope.  Last year's envelopes held cards from teachers, TAs and/or other adults in the building who wanted to write something to the student.  We are happy to add parent letters to those envelopes!  If you have a student here at U-32 who has not yet graduated, please consider writing them a letter to be included in their graduation day memories.  Please mail as directed above!